I've smoked myself retarded... (frika_111) wrote in normanmylove,
I've smoked myself retarded...

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Does anyone remember me?

I know it has been a loooong time,  BUT  I come with MANY  icons 
to make it up for all this time

most of these are quite different from what i usually do, so opinions are
 very appreciated, even if you don't like them; i won't be able to answer
 the comments but i'll be checking my mail



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Oh my dear Christ!
These are beautiful...I mean gosh words cant express how wonderful these are!
*stares in awe*

I will post a more coherent response soon...
ohhhhhhhhhhh my LORD! *HEART ATTACK*
good lord woman i love you! these are A M A Z I N G
whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy???????? is he so PERFECT!